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Connecting homeschoolers across Canada with each other and with companies & resources to help them on their journey.

Canadian Products

Take a virtual trip across Canada, try 31 Days of Hands-On Canadian History, check out the Timeline of Canada, match geography info, get your homeschool stuff organized, and more.

Free Printables Library

A collection of 30+ free printables for my email subscribers, including my popular Book Report, 250+ LEGO challenge cards, Video Game review worksheets, and much more!

The Blog

Find Canadian companies, curriculum, resources, & reviews. Historical fiction living book lists. Real life homeschool experience tips & ideas. How to get started support. A monthly LEGO challenge. + more!

Thinking about or new to homeschooling?

This free ebook offers everything you need to know to get started on your homeschooling in Canada journey: 

What is in this book?

  • Know the reasons – examining the “why” behind your homeschool decision
  • Understand the rules – the provincial laws and regulations
  • Support Systems – how to find them online and in-person
  • Choosing curriculum – exploring learning styles, where you can buy it, and some Canadian resources & some info about homeschooling through high school
  • Planning tools – tips to help every day homeschooling
  • Never Stop Learning – what we (the parents) need to learn

Plus it includes lots of resources that I have personally used and recommend.

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