Welcome to DAY FOUR of the 2019 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference!

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Do you ever get into bed at night wondering what you actually did that day? You know you were busy all day, yet you’re not actually sure what you did! If this describes you and you are TIRED of feeling like you never really get anything accomplished, time budgeting is the solution that will increase your productivity, improve your organization, and leave you feeling SATISFIED at the end of every day! Time budgeting is the method that has finally allowed my family to reach our homeschool goals. Join me to learn how this method can do the same for you!

Burnout is an all-too-common experience for those who choose to educate their children at home. Home schooling is a lot of work over a long period of time and can be difficult or stressful at times. This session is a candid and often humorous look at some of the causes of burnout as well as ideas for making our home school a more gracious experience for everyone. No need to google all 375,000 entries on homeschool burnout! Just watch this session. It is perfect for the experienced home schooler in the middle of everything. It’s also great for the newbie who wants to get off to a good start and avoid this problem!

Keeping our relationships intact with our children will be the way we gain their cooperation, but more importantly, how we maintain our influence with them as we raise them. Creating a sphere of influence, respect, and love is the way to joyful family living. (Playtime: 34:45)

This session will help you get ready in the morning and make your routine faster and easier. Ten quick hacks to help you be on time for your homeschool or activities and get you energized for the day. (Playtime: 7:20)