Welcome to DAY ONE of the 2019 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference!

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Let's get real, cooking is a life skill our kids need to learn. Finding the time, on the other hand can be tricky. Grab these 7 easy tips and get cooking with your children today! (Playtime: 25:24)

In this heart to heart talk, Clara shares with you some ideas she wishes she knew before she started homeschooling 10 years ago. This is a candid conversation about the highs and lows of this journey of home educating. You will gain some insights into the world of homeschooling you never thought of before. Practical advice from a seasoned homeschooling mom to any parent thinking about or venturing into homeschooling. These 12 principles will encourage you and make you think about the calling you’ve just been asked to fulfill. (Playtime: 36:39)

In a world constructed for verbal thinkers, visual thinkers are often labeled as having difficulty learning. Dyslexia is one of the most commonly misunderstood learning disabilities. With a host of symptoms affecting everything from math to spelling, reading and even body movement and control, dyslexia is often seen as a disability, instead of a gift. Visual thinkers (dyslexics) think in pictures and this process happens more quickly that verbal thinkers process. Very often it is our verbal system of education that hobbles these gifted thinkers. Learn how dyslexics think and practical resources for giving them the tools they need. (Playtime: 30:04)

Author Sandra Wilson talks about her book Kindness Kangaroo and what inspired it and the rest of the Emotional Animal Alphabet. She talks about what it is like to work with the children who help illustrate the books and reads the story to show off the wonderful artwork. (Playtime: 5:02)