Welcome to DAY SIX of the 2019 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference!

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Nothing brings more thrill to a student’s ears than the words exchange, travel, and GAP Year. Though the GAP year originated in Europe, it has gained popularity more recently in the West and for good reason. This time of personal development may take on many forms including any combination of volunteer work, compensated employment or internship opportunities.

Gap years can be beneficial for indecisive students, as a time of career exploration and gainful employment. Rather than enrolling in an expensive university program, students can narrow their focus and enter into a post-secondary institution and course of study that aligns better with their skills and abilities.

Find out practical ways to make your teen’s GAP year a success and if a GAP year is the right fit for your student. (Playtime: 33:49)

This session offers home schooling parents with some practical information on the importance of developing predictable daily routines to promote learning readiness, emotional security, and organizational skills. The session reviews the tasks of early stage parenting when infants first come home and grow over time. These early routines provide a strong foundation upon which children grow a sense of order, sequencing, and emotional security. It is through the
establishment of predictable routines that children grow in their capacity to organize and master more demanding learning and life tasks over time. (Playtime: 21:39)

Haven't found a science curriculum you love? Why not create your own. See how you can teach science without a curriculum and still foster a love of learning. Not sure what to teach? No problem, I’ll share some strategies to come with a plan to tackle science on your own.

You can decide to create a detailed plan or follow those rabbit trails. It can be whatever you want it to be so that your whole family can thrive and love learning about science. (Playtime: 31:03)