Welcome to DAY THREE of the 2019 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference!

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Find out how your child’s Educational Portfolio can accurately display their diligent work at home. Learn more about provincial requirements for portfolio reviews and evaluations. Gain knowledge on how to prepare and present your child’s portfolio with practical tips. Whether you’ve already started your child’s portfolio, or have some catching up to do, this session will equip you with the right tools to respond to any review or evaluation.  (Playtime: 22:48)

As adults, we often focus on looking for the best curriculum or the most innovative learning technology, but is it possible that true learning comes from a very different place? Developmental science is giving us clues to what is truly needed to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. Evidence is on the rise that play in the context of a safe and nurturing relationship is a child’s best bet for learning. Jennifer will look at the pivotal and sometimes surprising roles of relationship and play in the learning equation including how we as adults can help create the conditions for our children to grow and thrive. (Playtime: 41:13)

Do you think Canadian History is boring? Have you wondered how you could teach this subject to your child in an engaging way? Why is it that historically-based TV shows seem to be so popular and yet it is still a struggle to get your child to love history? In this session, we will explore how TV is shaping our view of history and how to use it to our advantage when teaching about our country of Canada. (Playtime: 30:45)

Get a birds’ eye view of homeschool through the eyes of a teenager. This British Columbia living, dance, singing, acting and YouTube filming teenager shares her about her academics, her routines, her extracurricular activities, and her friendships. At the end, her homeschool mama shares five tips to homeschooling teenagers.