Welcome to DAY TWO of the 2019 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference!

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The world of homeschooling is already looked at as something rare and out of the norm, adding autism to that experience sure shakes things up even more. In this session, I discuss our experience homeschooling our six year old son,Emmett. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at three and a half years old. Understanding this journey from the heart is very important, not just what is expected on paperwork. I share what I have been taught, because I feel I am just as much the student learning every day as our eldest son, maybe even more. (Playtime: 29:46)

Cultivating political awareness in your homeschool is not only achievable, but it’s also a critical part of your child’s development. Find out how you can play a vital role in engaging your children in politics and help them to make a positive difference. Discover how to build upon your family values while helping your children understand the importance of the political process. (Playtime: 13:13)

Have you ever been asked to write a story but had no idea where to start?
By the end of this Story Quest workshop, you’ll have written a story using two characters you created. And you’ll get to share your story on a Forum.
If you hate writing, you’ll be happy to know you can write a complete story using only seven sentences.
If you love writing, you’ll be happy to know you can expand the ideas in those seven sentences into a much longer story.
Once you know the seven-sentence formula, starting stories gets a whole lot easier.