Family Centered Learning

Bonnie Landry / Homeschool, Simplified
Playtime: 51:27

That cozy image you had when you considered homeschooling, reading together, cuddled up, the kids interested and asking questions…it’s not a dream! You can achieve the homeschool you imagined. This session covers :

  • the importance of reading aloud
  • essentials for developing a rich learning environment
  • the value of hard copy encyclopedia
  • suggestions for the use of computer in home education
  • using space effectively
  • how reading aloud looks for our family
  • what age to start family reading
  • resources for choosing literature
  • we are developing an environment of learning
  • how to force kids to learn stuff you think they should know
  • developing an outline of study

Keep it cozy, love doing what you do.

Session Available : February 9, 2020