How Can I Get My Child To “Know” Their Times Tables?

Laurie Beesting / Bridge The Gap Math
Playtime: 41:50

This video is designed to get us all thinking about how Times Tables knowledge and confidence is a truly vital part of coping better with Intermediate math concepts, whether we are in Grades 4, 5, 6, 7… or Grade 8 or further and already working through high school math. The curriculum skills which students meet over the Intermediate math journey are often a little daunting, as things suddenly start to feel more challenging than in the earlier years… suddenly, concepts which felt ok, begin to feel a little wobbly as we tackle trickier mechanics of multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and more… and it is important to keep one’s head in a positive place to work through these more advanced stages. As a math tutor, whose role it is to ensure that some core fundamentals are firm and to build confidence to cope with up and coming math work, I have found that the most central and crucial aspect to making better progress, has been to find a way to learn and BECOME STRONGER AT TIMES TABLES. I made a list of the Intermediate math concepts which are made easier and more accessible if a student has a grip on Times Tables- and quite frankly, it was quite alarming to see all the math skills listed on there! Knowing one’s Times Tables is SO SO much the key to making faster progress in math!

Session Available: February 6, 2020