Making Environmental Connections

Karin Davison-Taylor / Royal Botanical Gardens
Playtime: 24:58

Some of us have amazing resources that we can access locally to support our education programs, but not everyone has the same opportunities. No matter where you are, your students can interact with our educators and scientists and explore topics like biodiversity, conservation, botany, plant ecology and the environment. If you’ve never participated in an interactive distance learning experience, here is your chance to get a taste of what it is like. Discover Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), Canada’s biodiversity hotspot, composed of 1100 hectares of natural sanctuaries and gardens at the southwest tip of Lake Ontario. During the program, we’ll introduce you to RBG and ask you to participate in some of our interactive programs. Our programs offer meaningful and diverse learning experiences that connect people with the wild and cultivated plant world. We’ll start with a critical part of a plant’s life, insects; Creatures with Wings and Crawly Things (Kindergarten – Gr 3). Join us for a True and False game to explore what an insect is and then reinforce that with an action song. For those that are looking for French content, we can offer that as well. You’ll see a portion of a Growing Seeds (Gr 2 – 6) featuring our French educator, Danielle Barrette. For Gr 6 – 9, we’ll do a segment from Human Impacts on Ecosystems. Discover how we are mitigating some of the stressors in our wetlands and the results. All of our programs are curriculum linked to the province that they are presented to and we appreciate being able to connect with program coordinators (parents, guardians or organizations) to consult on the focus and content of the programs. Join Karin to discover how RBG is reaching out to urban, rural and remote communities via videoconference, engaging 21st Century learners while promoting environmental education.

Session Available: February 6, 2020