ZPD and Homeschooling

Samantha Star / Ms. Star Homeschools
Playtime: 15:53

When I tell people that I teach online and that my students are homeschooled they, of course, have follow-up questions. One popular line of questionning is about socialization. We all know that homeschooling isn’t as alienating as the general population seems to think is. In this presentation, I will discuss the importance of communities of practice (in any education setting) and how they can be powerful tools to help parents and educators with evaluating a learner’s ZPD or Zone of Proximal Development. ZPD refers to what the student can do with guided assistance, and we will discuss why determining this is important to a student’s progress. We will also discuss why it is sometimes hard for those closest to the student to accurately determine a student’s ZPD and how a community of practice can be used to benefit both the student and the home educator.

Session Available: February 6, 2020