Jaymee is a homeschooling mom to her three beautiful kids. She’s been working from home since 2015 while simultaneously homeschooling her children. Jaymee is the founder of The Genuine Mom, a brand dedicated to helping moms be themselves and know that they are never alone. She is also the host of The Genuine Mom Club Podcast. The Genuine Mom Club Podcast is dedicated to helping moms live their very best life. With special guest experts from all over the world from Dubai to Ireland to Texas. Join the growing community of real mamas living their best lives.

Jaymee Davis - The Genuine Mom


SESSION: Warning Signs of Parental Burn Out and What to do!

Did you know that homeschooling parents are at a much higher risk of having an episode of Parental Burn Out? What are some clear indicators that you might be at an even higher risk of parental burn out? How can you avoid parental burn out? And what are the signs and symptoms of burn out? Especially as a homeschooling parent. We are going to be talking about that along with what you should do if you feel like you are on the road to burn out. Let’s dive right in!