Lindsey Casselman is a veteran homeschooling parent and certified teacher in Ontario. She heads up curriculum and content design for the education company she co - founded, Schoolio Learning. Lindsey loves mentoring new homeschoolers and guest speaking and blogging about all things homeschooling.

She spends her free time coaching her daughter’s riding lessons, organizing field trips and events for her local homeschool community, and managing the family hobby farm and apiary just outside Kingston, Ontario.

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SESSION: Conquering Parental Guilt While Homeschooling

Grab a hot drink and get comfy, let’s chat about Parental Guilt and the worries, insecurities, and wonderings we all face while homeschooling!
Homeschooling mentor, teacher, and curriculum designer Lindsey Casselman is ready to change the narrative on homeschool parental guilt and help you realize that not only are you not alone in feeling this way, but that these feelings can be seen in a positive light, and, yes, conquered! Let’s talk about some solid evidence that what you are doing in your homeschool journey is, and always has been, ENOUGH.




Are you looking to add more organization and structure to your homeschool life? Are you curious what a scheduled homeschool can look like? Join Lindsey to learn how to Plan Your Homeschool!

Figure out your year, from deciding what topics to teach all the way through to implementing each day. Topics covered include: making a daily schedule, long range planning your overall year, and short range (weekly) lesson planning your weeks.

Free planning templates included for participants.