This year, we are excited to bring you sessions from a group of amazing speakers,
as well as sessions for kids and also for our youth.

Main Sessions

Lisa Marie Fletcher
The Canadian Homeschooler
Donna Ward
Donna Ward / Northwoods Press
Leanne Seel
Frenglish Learning
Hester VanBraeden
Classical Education Books
Edna Latone
Edna's Homeschool Help
Tara Watters
Homeschool Mom
Judy Arnall
Professional Parenting
Brian Mackenzie
UnSchool Days
Gabriella Volpe
Bob Almack
Online Reading Tutor
Kelsey Johnston
National Eating Disorder Information Centre
Bill & Deb Miller
DNS Thingy
Matthew Blackwood
UnLock Math
Diane Geerlinks
GeerLINKS Educational Therapy
Amy Leask
Red T Kids
Kelly Briggs
East Coast Kelly
Stephanie Jackson
HEMS - helping, encouraging, mentoring, serving
Bonnie Landry
Oh That's Simple
Bonnie Davison
Pam Laricchia
Living Joyfully
Jennifer Gehman
Strong Connections
Margaux Khoury
Sarah H
Homeschool Mom
Ana Willis
They Call Me Blessed
Laurie Pruim
HSLDA Canada
Bonnie Getty
HSLDA Canada
Monique Boutsiv
Living Life & Learning
Rebecca Spooner
Homeschool On (Formerly Hip Homeschooling Blog)
Kathleen Cotter Lawler
RightStart Math

Youth Sessions

Shayne Wyler
Realize Your Purpose
Kelsey Johnston
Bryan Rempel
Excellent Resources Inc. & Webster's Academy
Kimberly Charron
Patrysha Korchinski
Zingadee Village
Meghan Thompson
University of Victoria Admissions
Desiree Rehel
Homeschool Grad
Leah & James Linderman
Homeschool Grads
Minuet Charron
Homeschool Teen

Kid Sessions

Katie Kimball
Kids Cook Real Food
Jamie Amor
Cosmic Kids
Joline Hardisty
Living Resiliently
Bonnie Davison
Annette Vellenga
A Net In Time
Gideon L.
Homeschool Kid
Laura Jean
Polar Pen Pals
Kathy Lee Eggers
Homegrown Preschooler

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