2017's Conference featured some of the most amazing speakers.

Lisa Marie Fletcher
The Canadian Homeschooler
Bonnie Landry
Wife, Mother, Speaker, Author of Oh, That's Simple
David Redekop
Homeschool Dad. Founder of DNSThingy
Matthew Blackwood
Founder of UnLock Math
Jen Mackinnon
Writer behind Practical, By Default
Rebecca Overall
Creator of Artsy Startsy
Lori Desrosiers
Homeschool Mom
Shayne Wyler
Creator of The Realized Process
Bonnie Way
Homeschool Graduate & Homeschool Mom
Monique Boutsiv
Author of Living Life and Learning and Homeschool Mom
Kimberly Charron
Writer, editor, geek homeschool mom of 2
Pam Laricchia
Author of Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life
Kathleen Natsuhara & Alexis Cooke
Kathleen Natsuhara, Author and Alexis Cooke, Illustrator of Learn To Read With Me
Fiona Muldrew & Chantelle Olsson-Chang
Fiona Muldrew, Homeschool Mom, Teacher at the Ojibwe Bilingual School and employee of the Council for Aboriginal Education in Manitoba; Chantelle, homeschool mom, and mixed-blood Ojibwe, intergenerational survivor of Residential Schools
Donna Ward
Author of Canada, My Country; Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canadian History; and more Canadian social studies curriculum. Owner of Northwoods Press.
Ana Willis
Homeschool mom blogger, mompreneur, and creator of Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days
Nadine Dyer
Author of Up Above The Rowan Tree, homeschool mom to two.
Cherine Muirhead
Owner & Creator of Making Montessori Ours
Rebecca Spooner
Homeschool mom of 5, blogger at Hip Homeschooling®
Karen Gormley
Senior Award Officer for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Canada
Brian MacKenzie
Founder of www.atHome.education
Hester VanBraeden
Lead Learner at home, Mom of four
Edna Latone
Homeschool Mom. Head librarian. Owner of Edna's Homeschool Help.
Shelley Brewer
Author, STEAM Powered Family
Jim Grove
Senior Contributing Editor, Active for Life
Bev Rempel
Owner of Excellent Resources and Webster's Academy
Cindy Egberts
Homeschool mom, Canadian distributor of Letterland
Louise House
Owner of Learning House

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