Introducing our amazing speakers for the 2020 Canadian Homeschool Conference.

Lisa Marie Fletcher

The Canadian Homeschooler

Session: TBA

Jennifer Gehman

Connections for Learning

Session: Relationship Matters - The Most Important Part of Homeschooling

Jen Mackinnon

Practical, By Default

Session: When Planning Curriculum, Ask These Questions First


Laurel Nunez


Session: Homeschooling Regulations Across Canada: What You Need To Know

Bonnie Getty

Director of Marketing & Communications at HSLDA Canada

Session: TBA

Julie Laferriere Tremblay

Session: Learning a Second Language

Sarah Wall


Session: TBA

Ruth Matthews


Session: Bringing Democracy To Your Classroom

Laurie Beesting

Bridge The Gap Math

Session: How Can I Get My Kids To 'KNOW' Their Times Tables?

Samantha Star

Session: ZPD and Homeschooling

Jenn Dean

Families Matter Most

Session: No More Anger and Frustration!

Diane Geerlinks

GeerLinks Educational Therapy

Session: Rx For 3Rs
Session: Unique Learners
Session: Better Early Than Late

Christy Chalmers

Session: Teaching French in Homeschool

Timothy Bilcke

Virtual High School / Virtual Elementary School

Session: How Elementary Students Can Learn Online
Session: Earning an OSSD as a Homeschool Student

Wendy Elizabeth Hart


Session: Gameschooling
Session: My Life is School *KIDS*

Norah Jackson


Session: It's Not About The Skateboard, It's About Learning Skills.

Marie Noelle Marineau

Session: 8 Mythes Sur l'Education à Domicile
Session: Auteure de L'éducation à Domicile au Québec

Annette Vellenga

A Net In Time

Session: Learning About Rabbits *KIDS*

Karin Davison-Taylor & Danielle

Royal Botanical Gardens

Session: Making Environmental Connections *KIDS* (en Francais aussi)

Teresa Wiedrick

Capturing the Charmed Life

Session: TBA

Rowan Atkinson

Headphone History & Canada Homeschools Podcast

Session: TBA

Monique Boutsiv

Living Life and Learning

Session: TBA

Julie Bolduc-Duval

Discover the Universe

Session: TBA

Marian Buchanan

Session: Homeschooling in Canada

Sarita Harbour

Sessions: Homeschooling in the NorthWest Territories