Speakers 2019

Introducing our amazing speakers for the 2019 Canadian Homeschool Conference.

Jennifer Gehman

Connections for Learning

Session: The Science of Play and the Art of Relationship: Back to the Basics of the Learning Equation

Jen Mackinnon

Practical, By Default

Session: Finding Time to Teach your Kids to Cook

Laurel Coatsworth

Media Relation Specialist at CCHE

Session: The GAP Year Advantage

Lisa Marie Fletcher

The Canadian Homeschooler

Session: *KIDS* Canada on
Google Maps


Clara Campedelli

Homeschooling Mom of 10 Years

Session: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homeschooling

Kathleen Cotter Lawler

RightStart Math

Session: Math Myths, Math Anxiety, and Learning Challenges

Peter Stock

President, HSLDA Canada

Session: Cultivating Political Awareness in Your Homeschool

Alex Cormier

Author of Jump With Both Feet

Session: Learning Outside The Box: Homeschooling & Autism

Bonnie Getty

Director of Marketing & Communications at HSLDA Canada

Session: Portfolios: From Start to Finish Managing your Child’s Portfolio

Judy Arnall

Founder of Unschooling Canada Association

Session: Unschooling to University

Bonnie Landry

Oh That's Simple

Session: Keeping Relationship Intact

Samantha Cameron

Exceptional Needs Specialist, HSLDA Canada

Session: Picture This: Dyslexia as a Gift

Amanda Cunningham

Quiet Workings

Session: Using Digital Media and Canadian History

Marina Gabor

Summit Writing Academy

Session: *YOUTH* Expanding a Seven-Sentence Story 

Monique Boutsiv

Living Life and Learning

Session: Science Without a Curriculum

Lisa Romano-Dwyer, PhD., RSW

Social Worker & Therapist

Session: Parenting for Learning Readiness

Christina Foster

Barefoot Books

Session: Practical Tools for Mindful Social-Emotional Learning

Ashley Brown

Saved By Grace Homeschool Mom

Session: Time Budgeting: How to Plan So You Can Reach Your Goals Every Day!

Teresa Wiedrick

Capturing the Charmed Life

Session: Homeschooling Through the Eyes of a Teenager

Rowan Atkinson

Headphone History & Canada Homeschools

Session: Hope for Homeschool Burnout

Rachel Christiana

Rachel Christiana

Session: Ten Hacks for Homeschooled Kids to Get Up in the Morning

Julie Bolduc-Duval

Discover the Universe

Session: Tips and Resources to Teach Astronomy

Sandra Wilson

Quite a Character

Session: *KIDS* Kindness Kangaroo - a Children's story that teaches!