UnLock Math’s award winning digital curriculum is engaging & rigorous. Providing engaging video instruction, advanced assessment, unlimited practice & review, instant feedback, online chat support, and extensive reporting on an intelligent platform.

Starting with Foundations, a revolutionary math course that covers every foundational math concept in one year to JumpStart your child’s math success they continue building on that sure foundation with UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra I, UnLock Geometry, and UnLock Algebra II.

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Why choose UnLock Math for your middle or high school level  child?

Engaging Videos

Alesia Blackwood engages your child with her exceptional ability to explain concepts in an easily grasped manner.

Intelligent Platform

UnLock Math is able to truly assess your child’s understanding of math concepts by utilizing multiple question types, not just multiple choice. Natural math notation is used in both question text & student response. An easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions. Adaptive questions guide students to deeper understanding.


We do ALL the grading for you & include detailed reports. Spend your  free time doing something you love

Learn By Doing

Students learn by doing. Students can explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that give them immediate feedback. Throughout the entire lesson, students remain actively engaged with the material and receive constant feedback that solidifies their understanding.

Unlimited Practice & Review

Unlimited Practice Problem Sets for you to assign. Each student receives different problem sets covering the same concepts utilizing our algorithmic question generator.

Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback with completely worked solutions after each question. This helps them to find their own mistakes, a great teaching tool and one less thing for you!

Continual Review

We have Continual Review Problem Sets for you to assign. Making sure concepts are kept fresh and locked into long-term memory.

Extensive Reporting

You'll be able to view, export, and print detailed  reports of each student at anytime!

Any Device Access

Desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, Android, and Apple phones. All your students need is wifi!

Online Chat

Access to teachers for you and your child is just a click away! With UnLock Math you're never left on your own!



“Here’s an update on Katie’s experience with Dyscalculia & UnLock Math... This has been our best year of math EVER! She even said she was proud of herself, math & proud, I never thought I would hear that!” - Kathleen Piper

"We absolutely LOVE UnLock Math! I hope to be able to continue using it for our son at least through Algebra if not all the way through high school. We most definitely recommend you guys!" - Jennifer White

When I first learned of UnLock Math, I was curious, intrigued, and desperate to find a curriculum that would help my child who was struggling with math. I had unsuccessfully tried many other homeschool curriculums, and as a former elementary math teacher, I was discouraged. UnLock Math was an answer to prayer. My child has been challenged, been stretched, and with Alesia's guidance, has succeeded. Today I overheard my child telling a younger child, "I love mixed numbers. I can show you how to do that." That confidence, that willingness to engage, is a result of UnLock Math. Thank you!" "P.S. We are excited for the future levels." - Traci-Lynn Burt

"We were pleased with the awesome teaching videos, the constant re-enforcement of past concepts, and the challenge to go further at the end of each lesson. My husband has a master's degree in math from Duke University, and it had his complete approval." – Leslie

"Our family uses this program and we have been so pleased with the results. Our daughter who struggled in math is now WANTING to do her math even on the weekends and over the holidays. Great program!" – Mark

“My daughter absolutely loves UnLock Math! It has taken the stress out of Algebra for both of us!” – Lindsey


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