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21 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I have seen your schedule for the days of the Conference but have not seen any indication of what time specific speakers are speaking. Where can I see times that speakers in the conference will be speaking? Also, do you have any speakers who will be talking about teaching a child with Down syndrome?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mary,
      The sessions will be released each day at midnight eastern and stay up to watch whenever you are free to watch throughout the day, closing at midnight for the next day’s sessions. The only things that have specific times are listed under the “live events.” They should be clearly marked what time each day they will be happening. Hopefully that helps!
      And no, this year I do not have anyone speaking about teaching children with down syndrome, sorry. That’s a good topic to consider if I can find a speaker for it in the future though – thanks!

  2. I have tried to log in a second time to your Conference and my password is not recognized a second time. How can I assure consistent ability to access this conference?

  3. Hi, I signed up and paid for the pass. I noticed it said that we would be able to `Watch sessions from past years’ conferences’ but when I click on the link, it just takes me to a page where one can purchase access to these sessions. Are we supposed to get free access?

  4. Good Morning,
    I am logged into the conference but the “Go to the 2021 Sessions red button” keeps directing me to the login page every time I click it….Kelli

  5. I can’t seem to find access to the actual sessions. I can see the list on the schedule but I can’t watch the videos. Where do I find the watchable talks?

  6. I registered for the Con but when I went to log in today to watch the videos I can’t find them anywhere and it just keeps telling me to register. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Hi! It’s day 3 and it keeps telling me I need to log in or register to view the videos even though I am logged in. Help please. Thanks!
    Amazing conference so far!! Thank you SO much for all the hard work!! <3

  8. If I buy the pass to see all the previous videos, how long does it work for? Just until midnight tonight or can I still access them a week or more from now?

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