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17 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I am not able to view the content. I tried logging in and it appears that I am in, because the top right botton says “log out”, but when I go into todays sesson I get this:
    You are unauthorized to view this page.

    This could be because you aren’t logged in. –> LOGIN HERE.

    1. Hi Linda,
      You also need to be registered to this year’s event. You can choose to join us with the free pass –> or buy the $17 pass for lifetime access of the 2022 sessions here –> Once registered with either option, you should be able to access today’s sessions!

  2. Jessie-Lee Thompson

    having login issues. i purchased the pass and it will not allow me to login, everytime i try to access anything it just brings me back to the login page, but when i click on account it shows i am logged in but it does not show my access pass, just the free version??

  3. Hey there! Was looking forward to starting today’s sessions at midnight like every day so far, but somehow the Feb 11th sessions aren’t up or available to be watched!! I tried every link and none of them can be accessed!! Kindly look into this. Been waiting all hour to start and it’s 1 am now, so probably need to head to bed soon. This isn’t good as we were supposed to have a 24 hour window to access the sessions as I understand Lisa Marie clarified at one of the Zoom calls. Kindly respond. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I just signed up for the 2022 lifetime access pass for 17 dollars through Pay pal. Whenever I try to access any of the dates previous to today it will not allow me, it keeps telling me I am unauthorized to view this page. So I go to login again, and then it take me back to the main page, not sure what I am doing wrong? I even went into my account info and it is showing me that I have no lifetime access passes or orders.
    I really hope I didn’t do something wrong lol which is possible with 4 kids running around the house.

  5. we were having the same issue trying to log in and access the goodie bag but always got the error

    You are unauthorized to view this page.

    This could be because you aren’t logged in. –> LOGIN HERE.

  6. I tried opening the printable schedule but the text for Day 1 looks like it didn’t save/code/other computer words, correctly πŸ˜‚ I’d love to be able to print it out!

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