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  1. We are Film School 4 Teens ( and we are interested in becoming a vendor with your upcoming convention if that is still possible. We are an online Film School for middle and high school homeschoolers. One of your speakers (Bonnie Landry) will be doing our course with a coop this spring and told us about your conference. We are one of the only online self paced Christian film schools for teens and we’d love to share our curriculum with Canada!! 🙂

  2. I may have misunderstood, but I thought I would have access to the sessions the following day. There was a session on day one (yesterday) I was really hoping to see, but couldn’t yesterday. Did I misunderstand?

      1. Ugh sorry Andrea. The time zones are the hardest. Unfortunately, it is in Eastern. :/ (I have to get to bed at some point, and midnight my time is about as late as I can force myself to stay awake.) That means that you will get access to the next day’s sessions earlier than the east coast, but that they will close earlier as well.

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