Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference. Hopefully, we can help answer some of your questions below. If you still have questions, be sure to email Lisa Marie at [email protected]

When is the conference?

The Canadian Online Homeschool Conference is held in early February each year.  February seems to be the period of time when the winter blahs set in and we need something to encourage and re- excite us in our homeschooling journey. The event usually runs somewhere between 5-7 days.

Where is this conference being held?

Right here on this website. Just click on the "sessions" tab and join the fun! We also have a Facebook group you can join where we can chat about the sessions and share information about our vendors. You can find that here -->

What time are the sessions?

The speaking sessions are all pre-recorded and will be available starting on the day they are listed for 24 hours. After that point, they will be locked and no longer available. Any live events will be listed with times and instructions on how to participate, if you choose to.

Will I need any special software or programs?

To watch the sessions, all you will need is internet access, a device of your choice, and maybe a warm drink. If you decide to participate in the Facebook group or the wrap up party, you will need a Facebook account. Sometimes we hold live events through platforms like Zoom.

How much does it cost?

Everyone is welcome to attend the conference FREE of charge during the live event, or choose to upgrade to a lifetime Complete Access Pass to all the sessions for only $17. For about a week after the event this pass will increase to $27. After that, the cost of the lifetime pass will increase to $45.

Is this a religious conference?

This conference is intentionally neutral.

Since many of the events available for homeschoolers are decidedly Christian, it felt extremely important to have an event with no religious intent. The goal here is inclusion and we want everyone to be welcome.

That being said, please remember that every person involved in this event will have their own view on faith and life that drives them. Some will be Christian and some will not. As they do their presentations, keep in mind that they may reference their faith as part of their choices or their advice.

We ask that you respect their faiths - no matter what they are. Just filter out the stuff that doesn't apply to you and your family or your faith choices and glean the wisdom that you find useful from what they share.

Why are you having an online conference?

Great question. There are several reasons behind the purpose of doing an online conference for the Canadian homeschooling community. Some of these include:

1) Canada is a big country, with lots of remote areas and places. It isn't possible for everyone to get to an in-person conference. Being online gives us no travel requirements and allows anyone to join in - no matter where they are.

2) It works with the busy life schedules of a homeschooler. For most of the event, you can watch videos and do lessons at your own free time, and if you miss the live events, you can watch the replay later - something that is hard to do in a live event.

3) By running an event outside the confines of a specific homeschool support group or province, we are able to host an event that can include a wider range of speakers and vendors. For example, there are no travel costs for them to consider or time away from their families needed.

Who is hosting this conference?

The Canadian Online Homeschool Conference is hosted by Lisa Marie Fletcher from The Canadian Homeschooler. Since her mission is to help connect homeschoolers in Canada with each other and also with resources that will help them on their journey - this is a great way to do that.