Meet Leonard Judge, editor in chief, and Kara Cybanski, editor and social media manager at DC Canada Education Publishing. Leonard is a teacher, writer, and editor with more than 25 years in the publishing industry. He enjoys travelling, gardening, and reading. He has a B.A. and a B.Ed. from Queen’s University. Kara is a PhD candidate in Spanish Literature at the University of Ottawa aiming to become a professor of world literatures and cultures after graduating. She also dreams of becoming a famous author and has been with DC Canada for nearly six years.

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SESSION: One Story a Day - Fueling Elementary School Kids’ Love of Reading

Using the One Story a Day series and relevant research as an example, Leonard and Kara will discuss how to get kids excited about reading by building the habit bit by bit, day by day. This presentation will cover three main topics: a) reading for fun as a learning activity; b) building a lesson around reading material; and c) helping children overcome their reading-related fears or challenges. Includes a free handout of sample One Story a Day stories and activities.