Donna Richmond is the founder of Northern Lights Academy a, Canadian based, online learning platform offering core academic and special interest classes. Donna is mom to four boys and is currently home educating her two youngest, this is their fifth year, and they are loving it. Donna and family are avid travellers, and she loves seeing her boys learn through lived experience. Donna is passionate about encouraging interest led learning and helping children obtain resources needed for success. NLA was founded out of a desire to create a trusted learning resource that allows freedom and flexibility while connecting families with passionate, creative educators offering unique classes.

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SESSION: Social Emotional Learning at Home

Social emotional learning is a powerful part of development and learning that is intimately linked to executive function skills such as communication, adaptable thinking, and self - regulation. Learn how intentionally focusing on SEL impacts learning at home by helping children further develop these and other essential soft skills.
Donna shares her journey as a home educating parent and helps guide parents to teaching SEL effectively at home while fostering emotional intelligence within the whole family. Listen to the end to find out how to get a complementary workbook especially curated to help your family grow in these important skills.