As a child, Kimberly Muhtar played teacher all summer long. When she grew up, she became one. Now she tutors and homeschools her three children. As a teen, she handwrote notes to encourage her friends. Now she sends postcards to children all over Canada and the USA disguised as Austin the Hedgehog for Austin’s Kids Club.
When she needed a unique way to motivate her tutoring students and children, she made her own sticker award badges called Speak Life Badges that spoke to their character not just behaviour.
Kimberly hosts the Renewed Mama Podcast to help moms renew their thoughts, words, and responses.

Speak Life Badges


SESSION: Your Road to Success for High School and Beyond

Are you being asked what you want to be when you grow up?  In this video, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, because your career could come from these.  The marketplace pays big money for diligence, great communication and people skills, taking responsibility, and following through.  Do you have these skills?  If not, learn how to develop them now so that you get chosen for the job of your choice or a pay raise.  Use this video as a complement to or a launch pad for your homeschool careers credit.

SESSION: For Moms Who Feel Like They are Failing

Feel like you are failing as a homeschool mom because you didn’t get it all done today?  Is everyone tired, unmotivated, and easily distracted?  Are you trying to teach a lot of ages at the same time?  Are you and the kids bored?  In this video, you’ll gain a strong mom mindset in each of these areas so that you stop feeling like a failure and enjoy being the mom you want to be.




What you think and what you tell yourself, whether it’s true or not, affects YOU and your future.

In this session created for adults and children, you’ll learn how to recognize lies that you are thinking, speaking, and agreeing with that are holding you back. You’ll learn seven questions to ask yourself to break off lies and to replace them with the truth.

We’ll use two lies as examples: “It’s too hard. I can’t do this” and “I don’t belong.”

You’ll learn how to keep truth rooted in your heart and mind so that you act in full confidence and become who you are meant to be.



Finding your homeschool days boring? Feels like the same thing each day? You want eager learners, but you’re actually just nagging them to get their schoolwork done. In this session, you’ll get activity and game ideas that will make reading and math fun and new each homeschool day for all of your learners especially when they don’t want to do workbooks or have no desire to read or write stories. A new idea for each day for a whole month! All with little prep time needed.