Emmanuelle Carty

Emmanuelle is a Senior Outreach Coordinator with Let’s Talk Science based in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Armed with a diverse academic background in Health Sciences, Communication and Social Work/Youth Counselling, Emmanuelle develops and delivers activities to inspire and empower the next generation! Emmanuelle is not just confined to the scientific world; she has also dazzled audiences under the spotlight of both theater and cinema. She brings creativity and innovation to every project, proving that sciences and arts can harmoniously coexist.

Dominique Rabideau

Dominique is a bilingual Outreach Coordinator with Let’s Talk Science, based out of Montreal, Quebec. Leveraging a background in creative writing and visual arts, she channels her love of children’s books and storytelling into her role as a STEM Storytime host. With a unique blend of skills acquired from years of experience as both a professional juggler and baker, she combines playful curiosity with her enthusiasm for hands-on science activities. A former homeschool kid herself, she aims to make STEM learning fun and engaging for young audiences.

Head Shot - Emmanuelle Carty Let's Talk Science
Head Shot - Dominique Rabideau Let's Talk Science


SESSION: STEM StoryTime - Create a Super Spinner

Join the Let’s Talk Science STEM Storytime team to read Michael Bond's book “Paddington at the Circus” and complete a hands-on science activity about kinetic energy!

During this session, youth will learn all about forces, spinning motion, and kinetic energy. First, the Storytime team will read an action-filled book where a little bear becomes the star attraction during his first visit to the circus. After reading the book, and a short discussion, children will use everyday household items to create their own spinning tops. This session is ideal for Early Years to Grade 3.

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