Mike Zietsma has been a teacher at a private school for 19 years and teaches Canadian History, Civics, American History, World History, and Phys. ed. In 2013, he started the business, Creating History, which focuses on developing engaging history courses and resources for the homeschool community. Courses range in format from traditional workbook-based options to paperless versions, and even the choice of completing a course together as a co-op.  Be sure to check out creatinghistory.net for more details!



SESSION: Remembering Those Who Served: Canada and the Great War *TEENS*

The memory of the Great War continues to grow distant as time passes.  Each year the young men who sacrificed their lives during the war have their names read from the honour roll on Remembrance Day.  This project helps preserve the memory of those who served on behalf of Canada and ourselves.  Participants will learn how to research local Canadian soldiers from their community who served in World War One utilizing both online databases with digitized resources (eg. enlistment papers) and "on-the-ground" sources.  Students start with a name from their community's honour roll and conduct challenging research as they seek to understand who their soldier was and the contributions they made.  Their research is compiled in a creative scrapbook, display, website, or commemorative video.  A truly meaningful learning experience for both the student and the parent.