Peter Stock is an experienced pro-family leader and strategist with nearly a quarter century of success in government, media and public relations.

Peter developed expertise in several areas of policy through his various roles in government, but his primary focus remained family related. He has played a significant role in legislative and judicial battles including, the age of consent; child pornography; definition of marriage; and, family taxation, to name just a few. It did not take long for Peter to see that the homeschooling movement was a positive response to the culture-induced challenges that families are faced with. Peter has successfully led the drafting of complex legislation and strategizing its passage through Parliament and into law. His experience with public policy, from conception to implementation, naturally progressed into protecting and promoting home education. Peter was selected as President of HSLDA Canada in 2017 succeeding Paul Faris.

For over 10 years Peter and his wife, Tarah, have homeschooled their four children. Peter’s deep appreciation for homeschooling also comes from sharing the teaching responsibilities with his wife.



SESSION: HSLDA Canada-Wide Legal Update: Homeschooling Through the Age of Covid

Tune in for a panel discussion with HSLDA's lawyer and other experts on the current challenges of homeschooling in our current times.  Learn about the growth in homeschooling, the choices parents face, advice for support groups, and the legal challenges created by covid restrictions.