Shelley, a passionate educator, brings a solution focused and collaborative perspective to each situation which is informed by her 30+ years of engaging with students, families and community partners. She values the brain-learning connection and is eager to assist others in developing an understanding of a neuroplastic approach in unlocking potential, particularly for those struggling with learning difficulties. She is thrilled to be an integral part of the dynamic and innovative Arrowsmith community. She holds a Master of Education in Leadership, and Supervisory Officer and Principal qualifications, along with Specialists in Special Education and Reading.



SESSION: Unlocking the Brain’s Potential: Responding to Learning Difficulties Through a Cognitive Approach

If learning difficulties are getting in the way of your child’s success, it’s time to understand and explore solutions through a cognitive lens. When learning challenges exist, well-being can become compromised, impacting the ability to navigate life, relationally, emotionally and physically, now and into the future. In this session you will gain insights into how the performance of your child’s cognitive functions, reflected in their cognitive profile, provides an understanding of the origin of the difficulties and how Arrowsmith can provide support through a neuroplastic approach.

The Brain Can Change and so can your child’s ability to navigate the world.