Stacey Piercey the parent to three unschooled teen/adult men and a serial entrepreneur. For the last 7 years she has taught children as young as six how to take an interest and turn it into a business. Her program “How to Start Your Own Business” has been experienced by over 700 children around the world in person, in learning cohorts, at private schools, for an online schools and even Outschool. She now offers training in her program method to parents, educators, and mentors providing the framework for launching their own entrepreneurship program. Stacey provides access the program through her newsletter, personalized coaching or as full program integration design and support; each ideally ending in that essential Children’s Business Fair.
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SESSION: How to Teach Entrepreneurship to Children

Creating an entrepreneurship program specifically for elementary aged homeschoolers and hosting your own children’s business fair

Can kids this young REALLY start their own business? (Spoiler: you bet! They have the BEST business ideas). This session will breakdown how (and why) to run your own entrepreneurship class, ending in a children’s business fair. Details on timing, class size and the logistics of running a fair will be covered. By the end of the session, you will have the confidence to run your own children’s business fair for your homeschool community. And hopefully some inspiration to run a class for elementary aged homeschoolers as well.




Ever wanted to start your own business? Can't figure out how to get started? This session walks you through how to brainstorm business ideas that are perfectly suited to you; your own special gift to share with the world. Bring paper and something to write with, and let the ideas flow! **FOR YOUTH**



What is success and how do you define it? Are we setting up our children for success in a future we can't even imagine? This session will help you define what success is for both you personally and your child(ren). Walking through a method used to ensure goals are grounded to a path forward, while keeping the child at the centre of it all. Once the goals are in place, homeschool planning becomes a natural extension with a clear vision of where you and your child are headed but offers freedom from stress and the "spring panic".