Stephanie Sewell is an Alternative Education Consultant and Mentor who works with families seeking guidance and support with their child or teen’s educational journey. Her approach is based on well-being: she helps to bring out and validate the young person’s intrinsic motivation not only for learning, but for life. Together, Stephanie and her clients create education paths that allow the whole family to thrive. In her role as mentor, Stephanie meets regularly with teens and children to help them reclaim their sense of self and step into owning their learning. 

Stephanie’s work is informed by her experience as an educational researcher, school teacher, home/unschool parent and co-op organizer, children’s choir conductor, and Board Chair for Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning. 

Stephanie believes that each young person deserves and is capable of co-creating an educational path that works for them.


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SESSION: “Getting Started” Q&A with Alternative Education Consultant Stephanie Sewell

Stepping into the world of “life without conventional school” brings up a wide range of emotions for parents and kids embarking on their homeschooling journey. There are all the logistical details about how to homeschool, which approach to take, how to order your days, how long to ‘deschool’ for, and more. But there is also the new fact of living and learning in a way that is different to most. How does each parent feel about this? Will the primary homeschool parent ever have “time off”? How do extended family members and close friends feel about and support (or not support) this choice? Do the parents feel confident about the plan? Are the kids excited or reluctant?

Bring your questions, concerns, excitement and fear about starting your homeschooling or unschooling journey to this interactive Q&A session. This is a safe space to dig into some of these feelings with Stephanie’s professional and personal experience to guide us. Please note that questions can be sent to Stephanie in advance (stephaniejsewell @ gmail. com) so that your situation can be addressed during the session anonymously if that is your preference.




Join Stephanie to explore the in's and out's of homeschooling during the teen years. What is at the root of positive parent - teen homeschooling experiences? How does this influence our approach to both parenting and education? How do we plan our days, weeks, months and years with all this in mind? Participants of all ages will have the chance to explore and challenge their assumptions around education, to consider how the teen-parent relationship can evolve, and to let go of "should's" in favour of a future that is determined by the teen's own educational and life path.


SESSION: Q&A for Parents of Teens

Education Coach and Consultant Stephanie Sewell helps teens and their parents navigate the world without school. This Live Q&A is a chance to ask your questions about anything from “Is it actually ok for my teen to just leave school?” to “How will they ever get motivated to do anything other than scroll through TikTok or play Minecraft?” to “What about University?”  Stephanie works with teens and their parents through all stages of these transitions, helping them to confidently and happily own and direct their education. What are your burning questions? Join us for this session to ask them, and to hear and learn from others’ questions too!