I’m a Christian, wife, life coach and momma to 7 grown children. I homeschooled all 7 of them, including my special needs child. Through this I realized the challenges of raising them, then letting go. I specialize in guiding you towards finding a way through life. Working with moms when life has become hectic and difficult especially when ongoing situations seem like they can’t be changed. I am compassionate Christian life coach, I dedicate myself to guiding homeschool moms through the intricate journey of balancing homeschooling and life challenges. With a heart centered on faith and understanding, I bring a unique perspective to my coaching approach. In the realm of homeschooling, I recognizes the multifaceted difficulties that moms often face. I embraces each mom's individual circumstances, offering tailored guidance to navigate the educational and personal aspects of their lives. Drawing on Christian principles, I try to instil a sense of purpose and resilience, helping moms find strength in their faith as they tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of homeschooling. My coaching extends beyond academics, delving into the intricate tapestry of life's challenges. Whether it's managing time, overcoming self-doubt, or fostering a nurturing home environment, I try to provide a supportive and understanding space for moms to explore and address their concerns. I try to incorporate a compassionate coaching style creates a safe haven for open dialogue, where moms can share their triumphs and struggles without judgment. Grounded in Christian values, I emphasize the importance of faith in overcoming obstacles. I encourage moms to lean on their spiritual foundation, fostering resilience and a sense of purpose. Through prayer, reflection, and practical guidance, My hope is to empower homeschool moms to navigate life's difficulties with grace and strength.


SESSION: Nuturing Your Child's Learning Styles for Homeschool Success

Have you ever wondered why your child is not learning and thriving as well as you think they should? It could be that they learn completely differently then you expect.  In  Unleashing Potential: Nurturing your Child’s Learning Style for Homeschool Success we will delve into the different types of learning styles that you could encounter in your child. We will discuss the 3 different types and find real life solutions to help your child unleash their learning potential.