Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2023


Join us on the homeschool journey as we make our way from the Outfitter’s Shop, through Preschool Meadow, Elementary Forest, the hills and mountains of middle and high school, all the way to the summit. The goal of this conference was really to strip things down to the basics, get rid of the overwhelm, give really great actionable conversations, and help everyone enjoy the adventure of homeschooling. Included are 22 sessions for parents (+ a few Q&A sessions with our sponsors) and 11 sessions for kids/youth.

Topics include:

  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Everything Preschool Under Your Roof
  • Goodbye, Boring. Hello Homeschool Fun and Eager Learners
  • How Do I Help My Child Get Things Done?
  • Developing a High School Transcript
  • Making Homeschool Events
  • How to Fire Your Parents
  • Learn to Write Your Own Story
  • and more!


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