Intro to Homeschooling


Over the years, we’ve had amazing sessions full of ideas & encouragement for new homeschoolers. This is the “getting started” collection.

  • HOMESCHOOL METHODS: Learn more about the different styles of homeschooling to figure out which one, or which parts of them, best suit you and your family.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Learn more about the value of relationships in homeschooling, how to handle opposition, and how to find your tribe.
  • GETTING STARTED: Learn wisdom from those who’ve already walked this trail. Find out how to get on the right path to start your journey.
  • THE HOMESCHOOL LIFE: Learn more about how to fit all the pieces together to make your homeschool life run more smoothly without the overwhelm.
  • LEARNING: Learn more about planning your year, with advice on how to teach a variety of subjects including math, science, history, and more.


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